Frank has been doing a freelance project with me to convert an outdated WordPress blog over to a new one, and he’s done a fabulous job. He’s quick, an insightful problem solver, tech-savvy and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Frank!          Jennifer McGuire, National Director of Communications, Coldwell Banker

“Frank DiCesare is an excellent technical and news writer. While at the American Press he covered the industrial and business boom coming to Southwest Louisiana over the next three or four years. DiCesare made valuable contacts with industry officials who respected his expertise and his knowledge of his subject. His writing is well-documented and we never got any negative feedback from those he covered. DiCesare is a valuable asset for any organization. I can recommend him without reservation.”                                                       Jim Beam, Columnist and Former Editor, The American Press

“Frank DiCesare has a gift for bringing his photographs and stories to life. I have the privilege of working with Frank through my role as Features Editor at the American Press in Lake Charles, LA. Not only is he talented and passionate about what he does for a living, he also expresses a willingness to come up with his own ideas of spotlighting people in the community. On more than one occasion, he has called me with photo feature ideas such as capturing father and son crawfish farmers in action as they collect their harvest, or showcasing a local watercolor artist as she works on a painting. Frank has a knack for detail when it comes to his photography as well as his feature writing. I simply suggest story ideas, and then he takes it from there, giving me his best work every time.”       Pamela Seal, Features Editor, The American Press

“I had the pleasure of working with Frank for several years. He is a perfectionist with an impeccable work ethic. If he says he will do something, you can rest assured it will be done professionally, thoroughly and on time. As a reporter and photojournalist, Frank is at the top of his class.”                                                                                                                           Donna Price, Design Editor, The American Press

“Frank DiCesare’s photos for the Lake Charles Symphony have been extraordinary. His discerning eye, his years of experience, and his perfect sense of timing have captured moments that have highlighted the talent and passion of our conductor, Bohuslav Rattay, our musicians, and our guest performers. These fleeting moments could not have been posed. They are the results of a photographer who is sensitive to his subjects and committed to capturing them in their element, doing what they do best. I highly recommend him as a first-rate commercial photographer.”                                           Barbara Bailey, 2013-2014 President, Lake Charles Symphony

“Frank is one of the most reliable, versatile reporters I know. I can pretty much throw any story – a small profile or a big trend piece – his way and know that he’ll deliver what I need in a timely manner.”                                                                                                                         Jon Chesto, Business Editor, The Patriot Ledger

“I worked for Frank on a free lance basis over several years and several publications. He was a wonderful editor — his recommendations and changes always strengthened my work without ever losing my voice. I learned a lot from him, respected the quality of every publication he edited and can recommend him without reservation as an editor and a mentor.”                                                                                                                                         Alison Cohen, Freelance writer

“Frank DiCesare is a great person to work with. He has always been available to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have while on an assignment. Frank’s design, layout and overall quality of the projects that we worked on were always outstanding. He is a person I can recommend with complete confidence.”                                                            Gary Goodman, Owner, Gary Goodman Photography

“Frank DiCesare is masterful in filming and editing videos. His attention to detail and keen listening skills enables him to create EXACTLY what you need. Frank does a terrific job of editing lots of footage to create a succinct, final product to meet your final product needs. He proficiently combines his technical skills with his writing expertise to help you tell your story through video delivery. He is the consummate professional and goes the extra mile to deliver exactly what you are looking for.”                                                             Lisa DiTullio, Owner, Lisa DiTullio & Associates

“I have worked with Frank for over 4 years now. He is easy to work with and has a clear idea of what he is looking for in his final layouts. This makes my job a bit easier. He is also open to working with other ideas. He is detailed and organized. Frank is professional and always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.”                                  Carolyn Ross, Owner, Carolyn Ross Photography

 “I have worked with a number of editors at many publications, and none have been any better than Frank. He understands the meaning of putting a quality product in front of readers, and he is encouraging and inspiring for a writer to work with. He also has a good head for business, and that translates into his work product, which is always organized, thought-provoking, dynamic and visually stimulating. He is also a genuine person and really cares about what he does.”                                                                                                John Cunningham, Freelance Writer, Editor, and Consultant, C3

 “Frank’s ability to manage multiple projects with a variety of trade associations enabled the department to maintain a smooth work flow under tight deadlines. His organized and individual approach with each customer assured them exceptional quality and service.” John Bottini, Senior Graphic Designer, The Warren Group

“As a magazine editor working directly with Frank, I quickly found him able to take many disparate subjects and, with some excellent reporting, turn them into polished articles. At the same time, Frank was developing his own stories for another publication, where he wrote and also edited articles on a wide array of topics. His range covers the ground from briefs to features. His ability to stay organized in face of multiple projects and deadlines stands out. He’s a pleasure to work with.”                                                                                      Ed Prewitt, Editor in Chief, Northeastern University Magazine

“Frank is a dedicated, thoughtful, articulate and serious writer, editor, publisher and grammarian. He can take on any topic and convey great understanding while meeting tight deadlines for one reason, he’s smart. He’s an asset to any team that brings him aboard, hands down.”                                                                                                                   Kevin Myron, Media Relations Specialist, Northeastern University